Salma Mumin Flies To Turkey For The Second Time In 4 months—Another ‘Business’ Trip Or ‘Sponsored’ Vacation?

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A screenshot sent to me by my gossip partner indicates that actress Salma Mumin is currently in Turkey for the second time in 4 months—and this has got me thinking deep and connecting some dots.

So somewhere in August, Salma Mumin travelled to Turkey where it was alleged that she was there purposely to undergo and butts enhancement surgery fully paid for by her ‘behind the scenes’ boyfriend (boyfriends of celebrities who never appear in their photos even though every sh*t of payment is on them).

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I cannot confirm her business in Turkey for the second time but just connect the dots from all the issues raised about her first trip and you wouldn’t be far from why Salma Mumin is in Turkey for the second time.

On her Instagram page, she posted photos of herself at the Kotoka International Airport Terminal 3 as she was about checking in.

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Keep your fingers crossed because in the next few days hot gossips about Salma Mumin’s second trip to Turkey in 4 months are likely to drop.

Below is the proof of Salma Mumin’s second trip to Turkey.

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