Xandy Kamel Refutes Bleaching Claims

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Last Thursday, a throwback photo of actress Xandy Kamel went viral where her old and new picture looked differently in terms of complexion.

In an interview with Zion Felix, the actress refuted claims that she has bleached and used her father and siblings as a prove showing that her family members are all fair.

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According to her, both pictures are her but that doesn’t mean she has bleached. The initial one which she took in 2007 was when she wasn’t having time for her skin and the second one in 2019 she has been taking very good care of her skin.

‘I haven’t bleached; I’m from a family which are all fair. My dad and my two siblings are all fair so I don’t know why people are saying I have bleached. While growing up I took the color of my mom who is dark because I wasn’t taking good care of my color but now I am and you can check my ankle to see if I have bleached,’ she said.

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She also added that she has no time now to be beefing anyone because she’s busy building herself and a better future for herself than going back and forth with someone which is childish while reacting to the relationship between her and Akwapim Poloo.

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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