Inna Patty Disgraced as Miss Ghana Pageant Allegedly Failed To Obtain ‘Common’ Plane Ticket to Fly the 2019 Winner to Miss World

This is really no news, that the Miss Ghana pageant has been involved in something embarrassing again.

At this point it’s more susprising when they do something that’s not embarrassing.

Still, it’s funny whenever this clearly dying pageant makes another awkward blunder which allows Ghanaians to heap more scorn on alleged ‘Pimp’ Inna Patty.

According to a new report, the 2019 Miss Ghana pageant winner Rebecca Nana Adwoa Kwabi, was disgraced at the Kotoka International Airport last night when she could not board a plane she was scheduled to be on to travel to the U.K for Miss World.

She had been told her ticket was ready for her trip but when she got there, no ticket was waiting for her.

“She should have left the country yesterday [November 19, 2019] and reported today as queens of other countries have reported. The Miss Ghana Foundation gave the queen signal that her flight was yesterday. After getting to the airport ready for check-in, organisers then came to tell her that her ticket was not ready. Who does that?” a source told Ghanaweb.

“She should have been psychologically balanced so she focuses on the task but see the kind of destruction hitting her. How does she perform?

“Miss World organisers will hold a press conference today to launch the event and introduce various delegates from various countries but as it stands, Miss Ghana 2019 is still in Ghana, thanks to Exclusive Events,” the source added. 

When contacted for comment, Ghanaweb reports that Inna Patty angrily hung up the phone, presumably from shame and embarrasment.

We thought she no longer felt those kind of emtions!



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