The Ghana Rice Campaign: Only A Fool Will Buy A Particular Rice Solely Because It’s Locally Produced

While it’s great that locally made rice is being showcased as having arrived, I find the push down the throat very worrying—as it may lead to people vomiting it all out, eventually.

I don’t see Germans or the government somewhat compelling the ordinary citizens to buy German cars and making those who choose not to drive German cars guilty at any level. Germans patronise German cars because the cars are solid and their prices are great.

I don’t think the absurd notion of blind patriotism is what we need to use to promote locally cultivated rice.

What Ghanaians need is to be made aware that such rice exists—which I believe they already know.

Second, it’s the quality and price of the rice, compared to the foreign ones that should determine which one they choose.

People who live under a Perfect Competitive market have a right to choice—and any attempt to influence the market by the government may cause a bigger problem.

No sane person will choose inferior rice that cost more over organic or better rice that cost less if well informed.

You can spend every minute of the day promoting Ghana Rice, but if the quality or taste and price do not beat foreign ones, a smart Ghanaian will not eat it. And that is what must happen.

Ghanaians are not drinking Adonko Bitters and others because they are made in Ghana—No. They drink them because they love what they spend their money on—simple.

You don’t have to eat Ghana Rice by all means because you are a Ghanaian. That’s stupid. You must eat good tasty rice, at a good price—either Ghanaian or foreign. Your health and money should be your priority.

Ghana Rice


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