How Achimota Hospital Left A Student With A Snakebite to Die Without Treatment – He Had to Be Rushed to Another Hospital

The sh*thole nature of Ghana was on full display at the Achimota Hospital recently when a student was rushed there to seek treatment for a snake bite.

After over an hour at the facility, this student in an emergency situation had still not received any treatment, and he had to be rushed to a nearby facility to be treated.

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He could have easily died so even though he survived in this case, the situation has to be called out for how messed up it is.

It’s like our hospitals have no idea what an ’emergency’ actually means!

This is the country whose leaders feel proud of the job they’re doing and even think they deserve another term.

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Read the full report on what happened below as posted on Facebook by GhanaCelebrities.Com’s Founding Editor, Chris-Vincent Agyapong.

“I was tagged in this last night—the people that claim Ghana is progressing blah blah, kindly read.

I cannot see the brighter side of Ghana. Your leaders are jokers and the citizens cheer to the circus.


I was at the Achimota Hospital to console my elder sister who lost her son around 9 pm. As we sat in a state of melancholy, students of Achimota School trooped in with their characteristic house dressings. About four carried one who had one leg raised; struggling from a snake bite.

They were led into one ward and moved to another. Almost an hour, the students were just moving up and down cursing and expressing shock at the fact that their colleague was just left there lying down. They said the nurses claim they have no antivenin.

We thought it was a joke until the boy was brought out standing ( that’s when I took the pic) apparently hoping not to die. A man brought his car and carried the boy in moving him to Lapaz Community Hospital ( so he said).

Sad country. I keep on saying this country has no future. Ghana is more than a village. A whole hospital within a very bushy area has no antivenin? The paracetamol of Achimota Hospital should be an antivenin.

Youth, please struggle to find yourself in a better country.


Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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