What to Do When You Are Refused A UK Visitor’s Visa Wrongly By the Home Office

Home Office’s E-mail

One of my latest clients from Ghana brought to me an interesting case—which within 3 weeks, I have gotten it resolved, with the Home Office overturning an initial visa refusal and granting her the UK visitor’s visa she applied for.

This client visited the UK some years ago when she was a University student. Since then, the Home Office have refused her two applications for visa to visit the UK—with the recent being on the basis that when she visited the first time, she overstayed in the UK and also that the cost of her proposed trip is disproportionate to her financial circumstance.

My client never overstayed during her first visit—and yet this is the Home Office refusing her visas, on the false claim that she overstayed. My client was fully being sponsored and yet the Home Office ignored the sponsorship and rather measured the cost of the trip against her income.

I took on the recent refusal and challenged the Home Office through a lengthy legal representation I sent to them that the refusal is unreasonable as her application had not been properly assessed as required. Apart from the erroneous claim that she overstayed (provided evidence to show she did not overstay), their assessment of the proportionality or otherwise of her trip was wrongly done.

The Home Office wrote back, overturned the decision and have requested that she brings in her passport for the visa (evidence above).

This is the 4th refusal decision that in less than a week I have managed to get the Home Office to overturn.

If you have been refused a visa to the UK including a visitor’s visa, all hope is not lost. If the refusal is unreasonable, you can legally challenge it and have the refusal overturned.

If you have recently been refused a UK Visa, Call Adukus Solicitors in London now and our UK Immigration experts will provide the needed assistance to get the refusal overturned if deemed to be unreasonable.

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