Flavour’s First Baby Mama-Sandra Okagbue Celebrates Birthday With New Photos

Flavour’s 1st Baby Mama-Sandra Okagbue is celebrating her birthday today–and she has shared some new photos to celebrate this day.

Sandra Okagbue

Sandra Okagbue shared photos with a message thanking God for seeing her through the “hard times” she has faced this past year.

Expressing her joy as a mother of two, she wrote:

“This past year has been “It” and I just want to thank my God and maker for his infinite love for me. Life has thrown its best shot at me and yet, I’m still standing. Through the trials, hard times and low points, God still found a way to give me multiple reasons to smile. My children, Oh! My children.. I’ve not known any joy greater than that I’ve felt being a mother to two absolutely amazing kids. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for my family, Thank you for the Peace and joy. Thank you for incessant provision and protection. Thank you for because of you, i know now that everything I’ve been through was a deliberate plan of yours to make me the woman I am today, one that you have destined for me to be even before i was conceived, one that i am most proud of. It’s the dawn of a new age, new beginnings and new great things for me. Happy birthday Uche Ofala Okagbue, Obi Ofala Okagbue’s first daughter. You are royalty and royalty is you.”

Check out the photos below…

Sandra Okagbue
Sandra Okagbue


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