Pregnant Nigerian Woman Collapses After Hearing that Canada Was Deporting Her Family

A pregnant Nigerian lady collapsed and had to be hospitalized after hearing the news that her family was being deported out of Canada.

Rasheedat Bakare, her husband and two kids live in Canada where they escaped from Nigeria in 2017 to seek asylum.

They sought asylum on the grounds that they did not want their daughter to be circumcised.

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In 2018, they had a daughter in Canada, Farhana, who is thus a Canadian citizen by law.

However, their case has finally been completed and it has been ruled that they should leave Canada and go back to Nigeria – they’re being denied asylum.

Upon hearing the news, Rasheedat, who is pregnant again, collapsed and had to be hospitalized.

She said after regaining consciousness: “My children’s life, my husband’s life is at risk. We ran away because they wanted to circumcise my baby girl — the one I brought from Africa. When I got to Canada, I had another baby girl. Currently, I’m pregnant with another baby girl. Now [I’ll have] three baby girls — [and all of their lives are] going to be at risk.”

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The case has come to the attention of the African Community Organization of Windsor (ACOW) and they’re holding protests to get the decision rescinded.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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