The Absurdity of Some Ghanaian Celebrities—Cardi B Disgracefully Shuns A Tall List of Ghanaian Celebrities Who Went to Meet and Greet Her

A tall list of ‘unemployed’ so-called Ghanaian Celebrities who have nothing to do with their time and wanted free champagne to drink have been disgraced by former stripper turned musician-Cardi B, in a manner that is both offensive—and at the same time laughable.

Several Ghanaians Celebrities today trooped to Kempinski hotel in Accra wearing their best outfits to see Cardi B at a 12 noon Meet and Greet—and sip on free champagne which was part of what was used to attract them.

Yes, you read me right–free champagne.

Cardi B at Kempinski

However, after waiting from 12 noon to about 5:30 pm, they were told that Cardi B who was in the same hotel and chilling by the poolside, was not ready to meet any of their local celebrity a$$es, let alone greet them and permit them to take a photo of her—yet. Rather, she will do that at around 8pm before heading out for the concert so they can wait till 8, which will make their wait count 8 hours.

It’s a weekend and which proper celebrity with a lot on his or her hands, and can buy plenty champagne would go and wait for hours to just ‘Meet and Greet’ Cardi B.

People should have something better to do with their lives and time.

Cardi B is probably laughing so hard at their fake selves.

See the names of the celebrities who went to sit for hours, waiting to see and take photos of Cardi B.


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