At Least My Husband Should Have 3 Cars, 2 Houses And A 2 Stable Businesses – BB Naija Star Khloe

BB Naija’s reality star Khloe has dived into the controversial issue of marriage — on whether it’s okay to marry a broke man.

According to Khoel, she has made a personal vow to never settle down with a man who can’t afford 2 houses, 2 stable businesses and at least 3 cars.

She noted that she has acquired half of the above-listed asset so there’s no point that the man she settles with would lack that.

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Khloe further explained that she didn’t have it easy growing up, so she’s made the choice and commitment to never let her kids go through the same.

Read what she wrote below;

“I can’t marry a broke man that doesn’t have at least 3 cars , 2 houses and 2 stable businesses …. So it got online and people are insulting me …

1. That’s my wish not yours

2. I repeat I’m not bringing a child into this world if my husband and me are not financially stable

3. It’s me that know what I went through growing up and I don’t wish that for my children.

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4. I have half of this things, so why should I go lower

5. It’s none of your gaddam business what I wish for …. “A person who settles for crumbs can’t understand the mentality of someone who wants the whole cake “ ………….. “I learnt to be ok with the fact that im not everyone and i never want to be”

Ladies are quick to judge but deep down you want that life but it’s obvious you don’t think you can get it or you deserve it so you settle for less …

I’m already a working lady so why should I on earth settle for less…. men will curse me cos they don’t work hard enough to acquire this things or they know they can’t come close to achieving this things in 100 years to come AND that’s none of my life business … keep your poverty and low thinking to yourself Some said does my father has all this things , no darling That’s enough reason why my husband should have a lot so your broke kids won’t say same thing to them in future … My life, My rules , My wishes . Lord help me. AMEN”

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Check out the post below;

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