The Offensive And Utterly Disgusting Credulity of the Ghanaian Christian – The Plague of 31st Night Prophecies | CHRIS-VINCENT Writes

I used to find the credulity of Ghanaian Christians offensive, but now I find it utterly disgusting such that writing about it even upsets my being.

2019 has ended under the Gregorian calendar and under the Chinese Lunar calendar we are still in the 7 Twelfth Month 2019 (ji-hai)—year of the pig.

Last night, illiterate scammers parading themselves as spokesmen and prophets of the Christian celestial dictator, Yahweh, unleashed on us series of nonsense predictions called prophecies including that the NDC will win the 2020 election by 52.1% and that Chris Attoh will also be shot dead like his wife.

As usual of these scammers, they placed a caveat—that if we pray or whatever nonsense they expect us to do, things seen may be changed.

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It’s like throwing a coin and saying the head will come up but if a person has a clean heart then the tail will show. When the tail shows, you will shout that it happened that way because that person has a clean heart and if the head shows, you will say your prophecy has come to pass. Whatever happens, the scammer wins. How do we even measure the purity of a person’s heart in any reasonable sense? Yet people were shouting to this nonsense.


I spent my 31st night in the most useless way—chewing on some goat meat. I didn’t pray or thank any of the hundreds of Gods claimed to be in existence for anything and yet just as my life was better than many that prayed to God the precious year, it will be far better than theirs again this year.

You don’t need the mercy of any God or buy into the any of God myths to be able to find peace, wealth and comfort in this life.

Religious Africans never learn. You keep praying to God each year only to see the so-called leaders get richer and better alone and you can’t see the handwriting on the wall?

I have stopped writing on the God delusion because the African Christian is not ready to become wise.

You should continue in your stupidity and wait on the mercy of a certain being living in a heaven, some sort of Devine North Korea—doing as he pleases.

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All the people I grew up seeing praying to God for a better future, I still see them doing it 30 years later—clinging on the false hope that even after damn 30 years this impotent God will suddenly answer their prayers and they will become somewhat comfortable in life.

It’s a joke and the laughter is paid by them—as always.

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

2019 was a great year for me, an atheist, and with same dedication and smart thinking, 2020 will be the same or even bigger. I do not need the goddess of good luck to throw anything my way—I just need my mind and efforts.

Stop being foolish in 2020 or just quit worshiping a God that asks you to suspend your thinking faculties for one year and start using your brain and see the huge difference that will make in your life. You can bet me on this—just for one year.

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