Smart Ghanaian Lady Scams Popular Facebook Mallam Who Tried to Scam her – Read Hilarious Story of How It Happened

A Mallam who tried to scam a Ghanaian lady finally ‘met his meeter’ as she rather scammed him out of his cold hard cash.

The would-be scammer rather became the scammed!

The lady in question took to social media to reveal what actually happened in her conversations with Mallam Tia, who wanted to chop her money.

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“Four months ago, a guy came into my inbox. He introduced himself as Naa Tia, a spiritual guru from Northern Ghana, Tamale. He had some juicy offer me: “I help people succeed financially”.

“How do you do that?” I asked. “Oh, it’s easy; no sacrifices involved, just send me $1000, and same hour tomorrow, I will send you $10,000:’ he answered.

I smiled, and said to myself, ‘this guy is playing with fire’

The chat continued, and at the end, I told him I could send him $100, 000 for him to make it $1,000,000 for me on condition that I would send him $100 first for him to send me $1,000 to prove his claim.

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I sent him the $100 the following day, and within 48hours, he sent $1000. After receiving the money, I told him I wasn’t going to continue the deal, and boom!; thunder striked. He threatened me with hell and hades, but I ignored him.

This morning he entered my inbox again pleading that I should send back his $900 to him because the money he sent was a loan from a bank. 
Should I send it to him? “

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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