CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Why Elon Musk Envies and Needs Kantanka’s Engineless Car’s Technology For His Tesla Cars

Kantanka Enginlees Car

Yesterday, a British-Nigerian friend of mine visited me at home together with another mutual friend, a Ghanaian, to brainstorm on pockets of business ideas we intend to execute this year.

The Ghanaian friend is an Apostle Safo Kantanka fanatic. After discussing the main issues which had brought us together, he showed us a video that claims that Kantaka has made an engineless car from scratch on Youtube.

This engineless car which uses only batteries (several of the regular batteries) is supposed to be effective—able to function, power its own AC, lights, radio and others.

My British-Nigerian friend called that claim absurd and asked that, how many miles can those poor batteries which do not self-charge run that car for?

In fact, the conversation between my Kantanka fanatic friend and the other was extensively humorous such that I couldn’t stop laughing.

In pointing out the deceit and ludicrousness of Kantanka’s inventions, my sceptic friend said—probably, we need to take Elon Musk to Ghana for him to learn and improve Tesla’s battery capabilities from this Apostle since his battery cars seem to run forever, without charge on cheap ordinary batteries.

And then I ended the conversation by showing the sceptic the new Kantanka aeroplane car—with him saying, this is absolutely rubbish and a waste of human being’s time.

Kantanka Aeroplane Car

This post was published on January 3, 2020 8:32 AM

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