LISTEN: Two Married Ghanaian Women Cry Out And Share Their Shocking Pains in their Marriage As Husbands Do Not Sleep At Home, Continue to Cheat & MORE

Marriage, they say is not a journey for the faint-hearted and it’s not a joke. Two broken Ghanaian women talk about their marriages—and share shocking pains they’ve gone through in the hands of Ghanaian men.

Herty who lives in Spintex, Accra, has been married for 7 years (and dated her husband for 7 years before marriage) with two children but says her husband is almost useless and he is never there for them. The husband leaves the house and comes back after days—and he does not do anything with her or the children. She does not even know when the husband took her out for anything such is dinner.

After childbirth, Herty says her husband did not have sex with her for about a year and it took a complaint she made to her mother-in-law to get her husband to come back into her bed. Meanwhile, she has caught her husband with several women and she is currently fed up, therefore contemplating on leaving her broken marriage.

Aba who lives in Tema has left her marriage for 2 years following what she termed the unending gross disrespect of her husband who was not only cheating with about 10 women but painfully was leaving the house for days without her knowing his whereabouts.

Aba left her husband about 2 years ago but she is going back to him to give it another try after finding out that the market of men is no better—and her man is not that worst. She says she believes her husband has changed and the family has assured her things will get better this time around.

Both Aba and Herty take us on a journey through their marriages in this episode of IN CONVERSATION WITH CHRIS-VINCENT in an honest manner which is both revealing and intriguing.

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