The Evolution of Human Relationships—S*x and the Complexities

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A few days ago, a Year of Return lady made social media headlines after a Ghanaian man, Mutombo Da Poet, took to Twitter to claim that she had scammed him to a tune of about 320 GHS. The man who is married with a child had picked this lady up from the airport, bought anti-malaria tablets for her, booked a hotel for her and even purchased a plate of jollof for her.

The man claims he was being hospitable and only agreed to spend his money in the above manner on the total stranger he met online because she told him when she exchanges her dollars into cedis, she will reimburse him.

Later, the woman became a ghost and when the man finally fetched her out, she recorded a video claiming that the man intended to get sex from her. Therefore, when he realized she had left the hotel without his knowledge, he got pissed as he didn’t get the sex.

The woman’s claim represents a medieval conception of men, far from what today’s men—at least in my circle, have evolved to become.

A man may want sex, but today’s man wants more than just sex from any woman. I find it out of place, perhaps even offensively stupid, for any man to dedicate his resource include time in a manner this man did, just so he can have sex with a woman, a total stranger.

The zeitgeist of our 21st century has made sex a little less attractive compared to the days when it was of substantial value to men. It’s cheaper and easy to get laid today than to get a free ride from one location to another.  

The relationship between men and women has evolved, to the extent that one must find other added values, to stick around for even a short time, instead of just sex. Despite this, a lot of black women still think their coochies drive men or can influence the order of the day greatly.

Any woman whose primary mindset is that, a man is doing everything, including going beyond the ordinary for her—just because he wants a 15 minutes taste of her coochie has not caught up with the wave of evolution in this quarters.

The attitude of women is seen as increasingly important to all the men I know than the delicious lining of their coochies—or the shape of their butts. However, several women still think it’s their body that will do the magic.

Even if the man in the above narrative wanted to have sex with the lady, she could have respectfully declined instead of waking up in the morning to disappear from a hotel room he booked for her over night when she was stranded without saying ‘Goodbye or Thank You.’

Anyway, what’s yeast infection to the community prostitute? A married man who swims in an ever-ready coochie, even if the same, would reasonably not just spend his time and money on another woman, for JUST a coochie in this manner—unless that man is semi-retarded.

The today’s man has needs, and I am confident if Abraham Maslow was to analyse this in a hierarchical manner, coochie alone (just sex) wouldn’t come anywhere to the top.

Even the sexual pleasuring of the men of our time goes beyond just the offer of a tasty coochie—it starts from attitude, connection, conversation and others. If all you think a man seeks is sex, then you have lost the plot. And if it turns out indeed that’s all he needed from you, then he’s not from this timeline.

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
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