SM Fans Tear Over Shatta Wale And Michy’s Breakup After Blogger Shared Full Story – It’s Really A Sad Incident

We woke up today to a sad revelation after blogger ‘Those Called Celebs‘ in a long write up penned the details of why Shatta Wale and Michy’s relation hit the rocks.

Apparently, today marks a year since Michy packed her belongings and together with her son absconded to Kumasi, leaving poor Shatta Wale alone.

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‘Those Called Celebs Wrote;

‘Today is 10th January 2020…. just a year today dat we drew a plan to trigger his ex wife home… is soo funny dat….wat we did ended in a bad way… by dis time nyinaaa in 2019 10th January, he was calling my fone but I was at work n de handy was on silence…. he texted me n bla bla…. after my 8 hours work …he called back ….I was right in my room…I just put ma bag down n sat on de bed to listen to him….all wat I saw was a sweet husband who needs his family by him at dat moment…he was hurt…he was truly inlove….his agenda wasn’t on de Range Rover or de stolen money ooooo…..all he wanted was his wife and a kid back home!!! Wat do we have to do??? De police and high personals has spoken to de girl but to no avail…. so we have to do something dat will trigger de girl home…. we have to step on her dislikes….all she hated most is de public hearing her matter!!! I took a pen n a paper whiles I was on de fone wid de King…. I told him…this is de most tedious work for me paaaa cux u know how much I love the girl….he said in a teary way…plss help me….do something about it…I need them home…Majesty gotta come to school….plsss plssss plsss help me 😥😥🙏🏼…I told him dat….de plan is oke….but I know wen I post…ur wife will text me but i will intentionally be furious so dat de plan doesn’t spoil…..okay…we gotta try now wid a ….MISSING Post… i think dat one will make her run back home so dat u sort out wid her……he said yes!! Dax great idea… I truly love my wife….I need her home….after spoken to de King…I saw he was bit relieved….dat very nite we posted de thing wid seriousness but inner us we knew wat we drawn…. but it ended in tears 😥🤦‍♀️… TV stations came for it n other blogs….people were thinking Issa publicity stunt but it was a real matter…..he didn’t try to disgrace his wife but he was losing her n dat was his tears….and Ghanaians still think he is a bad person who maltreat women….I didn’t see dat thru his voice…I dnt know him by person….but all I know was dat…he was inlove n truly hurt!!! Ah well 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ God knows best!!! I was gonna help a hurt husband not a snatcher wai 🤣😥’

Shatta Movement fans have since hit her account, expressing their concerns. Many of them have prayed Shatta Wale And Michy come together as a couple again.

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Check out some of the reactions below;

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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