Yvonne Nelson Who Allegedly Gave Birth With Someone’s Husband Mocks Kan-Dapaah

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Ghanaian Actress-Yvonne Nelson who allegedly gave birth with a man who was already married to someone—and has been dumped by this same man, has taken to twitter to mock Ghana’s National Security Minister-Albert Kan-Dapaah over his leaked video conversation with his supposed side chick.

Yvonne is unable to keep a boyfriend as men do not probably regard her as a long term material let alone to be able to consider has a wife material. Yet, she sits on Twitter every day, with a moral ruler measuring the affairs of others.

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In a tweet Yvonne Nelson posted, she mocks Albert Kan-Dapaah, claiming that Ghana’s national security is under attack by slay queens.

Check out her tweet below…

Yvonne Nelson

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