19-Year-Old Ukranian Escort Auctions Her Virginity Online – German Businessman Buys It for £1m

A German businessman has purchased the virginity of a Ukranian escort for £1m at an online auction.

Katya from Ukraine is 19-year-old and a member of the Cinderella Escort company which matches girls with rich people looking for s*x.

Katya’s virginity was placed on the site, on sale for £84,120. However an auction ensued and the German businessman won with a £1m bid.

He beat a lawyer from New York and a singer from Tokyo.

The winner also added that he’s “open to marrying Katya and supporting her financially with a monthly budget of 10,000 Euro (£8,500) in the future,”

Speaking about why she’s selling her birginity, Katya said: “I have thought several times about not selling my virginity after all. It’s definitely a tough decision, for the simple reason that it’s irreversible. 

“But it’s a win-win situation. The choice between losing my virginity to someone I love,  and to have lost forever my chance to win the million is hard. 

“However, I think the probability is higher that you will regret not accepting the money, because a future boyfriend will most likely leave you at some point.” she added.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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