Jasmine Baroudi Calls Out Most Ghanaian Actors for Being Bad At Acting – Finally Someone Said It!

We always debate reasons why the Ghanaian movie industry is dying and we mention many things – from lack of funds, horrible production and foreign movies/series taking over the airwaves.

One thing which is never mentioned are the bad acting skills of most of the so-called actors, making it a pain in the butt to watch most Ghanaian movies.

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When you watch good actors you accept their acting as reality, when you watch bad actors you’re very aware they’re acting. Most Ghanaian actors are so obvious and over the top in their acting that you can’t stop feeling they’re acting when you watch them.

They’re unable to get you to suspend your disbelief.

That’s one reason impacting the quality of Ghallywood as well and Jasmine Baroudi has called it out.

She told Showbiz: “I recommend that movie producers only put qualified or professional actors on the screen. There are too many unprofessional actors who are virtually doing nothing but call themselves actors, making the work so difficult for some of us.

“Now, anyone at all is just shooting movies and parading girls who will do anything to come on the screen. No wonder we have so many slay queens who call themselves actors but do something else.”

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Baroudi added that the producers are also part of the problem with boring stories.

“Our movies are now very boring and that is because producers are telling one way stories. Our storylines are the same and no one is interested in watching the same old boring movies again.

“It is about time producers sat down and did their homework. There are so many stories we can tell in Ghana and I wonder why our producers are not touching on them,” she added.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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