‘You Claim You’re Protecting Kids But You Approve Ads For Alcoholic Beverages And Chop The Money’ – Wendy Shay Fires FDA Again

The ‘fight’ between Ghanaian songstress Wendy Shay and FDA is on as Sister Wendy has hit back hard!

Wendy Shay has wondered why FDA claims to be protecting kids from alcoholic beverages when they are the one approving those liquor.

FDA thx for de reply.U endorse alcohol n make cash by approving it to be sold,but you claim to protect children when a celeb wants to make money by advertising it?UNFAIR! If you truly care abt the kids and not the money then why approve it in first place?FDA alone wan chop ..GH wake up!‘‬ She wrote.

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Yesterday Wendy Shay called out FDA after she lost thousands of dollars from a deal.

According to her, the juicy deal was from a foreign alcoholic company, but she had to let it go due to the FDA’s ban.

Disappointed Wendy Shay noted the FDA has taken food from her mouth.

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In response, the FDA noted they are protecting kids who are quick to jump to anything celebrities endorse.

Apparently, Wendy Shay is still not okay with their reply. She has again taken to all her social media pages to fire FDA.

Check the post below;

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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