Another Kan-Dapaah – Ghanaian Chief’s WhatsApp Video Call Leaked By His Sidechick With His Manhood and All Showing – Video

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Isn’t it interesting how anything in Ghana can somehow become a trend?

Apparently, even the leaking of embarrassing videos of rich and influential men behaving like idiots to please their side chicks can also become a trend.

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After the Kan-Dapaah pyjamas scandal, another ‘big man’ has been exposed by his sidechick after their video chat leaked.

The culprit this time is alleged to be a Ghanaian chief from the Dadiesoaba traditional area.

The chief can be seen in the video showing off to his sidechick with potbelly and his repulsive body.

At a point, he even took his camera downstairs to give her a full view of his Adam’s ‘stick’ – his pulsating manhood.

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Obviously GhanaCelebrities.Com cannot upload such a video but check out some shots from it below.

Apparently the theme for 2020 is ‘beware of sidechicks’.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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