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Don’t Be Greedy, Allow Your Man To Have A Side Chick | Guest Post By Nana Kwame

The recently leaked video of the minister for Security Hon Ken Dapaah has made him the poster boy for cheating men with a lot of people bashing him for stepping out on his marriage.

One of the things that many have not considered is the service this man and the likes of him render to these young broke women. A lot of side chicks come from poor backgrounds and without the help of these men would not be able to survive in the country.

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Take Rosemond Brown aka Akuapem Poloo for example. This is a girl who was even struggling to pay for her school fees and was it not for the generosity of the man that brought her to Accra, God knows what would have become of her. Not only did this man change her destiny, he also helped cater for her son even though the kid was not his.

A proud member of the side chick gang, Moesha Buduong, has always praised and commented on the importance of these men who make it possible for her to live the life that she has now.

Granted it is easier to analyse the idea of side chicks from a biased stand point especially if you are in a relationship, but one should always try to understand the actions of others including the pros and cons of these actions.

Is the minister’s wife lacking in anything? I highly doubt that, but majority of side chick girls are extending the benefits to their families by becoming breadwinners.


Ask yourself this question, if all the married men and those in relationships decide to let go their side chicks, what would happen? I can tell you at least one thing that will happen and that is a lot of girls would go hungry. Do you want to be the reason why someone goes hungry?

For the men that plans on having a side chick, remember, even though you are doing a public service, your efforts will not be appreciated and there are occupational hazards to the path you have chosen. To understand the problems associated with having a side chick, check out the video below. 

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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