President Donald Trump to Add Nigeria to USA Travel Ban By End of the Month

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President Donald Trump at the beginning of his presidency faced global backlash with the introduction of his Immigration travel ban–and 3 years down the line, he is said to be readying grounds to expand the ban to now include Nigeria.

President Donald Trump

According to a publication by Politico, on Monday the 27th, President Trump plans to add Belarus, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania to the US travel ban per officials who have seen the list.

While this list may change before the final day according to the website, it’s still worrying that Nigeria is even on there.

The travel bad, if instituted would mean that Nigerians who hold certain types of visas, like business or visitor visas, or maybe government officials, will be banned from entering the country.

As always argued by the Donald Trump administration, the ban is part of its effective efforts to protect the United States from terrorism.

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