Kyeiwaa At 56 Years Can Find A Man So What’s Wrong with Yvonne Nelson? | Guest Post By Nana Kwame

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Actress Rose Akua Attaa Mensah popular known as Kyeiwaa recently got married in Worcester, Boston even though she is in her mid-50s.

Culturally for Ghanaians, marriage is a very important part of life and every parent expects their child to marry at some point. Many parents deem it a great honour when their son and daughters get married because it represents the starting of another chapter in their child’s life.

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The question is this, if a woman in her mid-50s can still convince a man to settle with her, what is WRONG with the likes of Yvonne Nelson and Lydia Forson?

Although remaining single or unmarried can be a person’s choice and with Ms Forson one can argue that she doesn’t want or need marriage but when it comes to Yvonne that argument holds no water.

This is a woman who allegedly got impregnated by someone’s husband. According to the former wife of Yvonne’s baby daddy, they were together when Yvonne started sleeping with her husband.

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At least she found out before she got pregnant, but can you imagine if one day Yvonne just turned up and said “I am pregnant for your husband”?

Moesha admits she dates older married men because of the financial benefits, but the real question is, who will want to call Moesha his wife?

Is it difficult for the likes of Yvonne to find an unattached man to commit to them or their lifestyle mean they need established men to sink their claws into?

Let us know why majority of the young celebrities in Ghana are unattached.

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Nana Kwame