You Are Good Enough Whether Married Or Not; Marriage Will NOT Complete You- Reno Omokri

To the ladies who live this life thinking that marriage is a definite must for them because it is the only way to feel complete…

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… and to the men and other family members and nosy neighbors who believe any other person walking on this earth is looking for marriage, Reno is here to tell you that, marriage is not the sure thing to make you feel complete.

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Reno says marriage would only compliment you and not make you complete. He emphasized that you are enough with or without marriage.

“If you end up getting married, good. But if not, you are enough! You are so enough! You are more than enough! Marriage COMPLIMENTS you, but it does not COMPLETE you. “You are COMPLETE in Christ”-Colossians 2:10 You don’t need more COMPLETION.”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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