Does Exchanging Bedroom Activities for Favours Not Make One A Prostitute? | Guest Post by Nana Kwame

A lot of women will be offended if one referred to themselves as prostitutes, but majority seem to exhibit the same behaviours associated to the ladies of the night.

A quick look on Instagram will confuse you as who is there soliciting for “work” as a hook-up girl and who is there as a “normal” user of the social media. Majority of the ladies on these social media websites not only wear a hoe’s uniform but display a lot of their antics.

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Most of the celebrities in Ghana are in on the action even though you would have expected them to be more protective of their image and brand.

Take the musician Wendy Shay for example. She recently shared a video of herself shaking her bum on top of a car. This is the classic behaviour of music video hoes, but one can be assured that if you called Wendy Shay a video hoe, she will be offended.

Another one is Yaa Jackson. She is always on social media displaying her a$$ meanwhile she is trying to have a music career. How music is linked to her a$$ continue to confuse and amaze, but one can understand the Instagram hoes showing off their bodies to entice clients.

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One of the greatest tricks employed by majority of the girls in Ghana is to ask for favours right after s*x or just before it. These women know for a fact that men struggle to think straight when s*x is on the line and are most likely to agree to a lot of things if it means they get laid. These tactics have beenused on many men and most men can testify to this.

Nikki Samona’s in an interview with Abeiku Santana said she won’t date a poor man but is happy to date a rich man. The question one may ask is why? The obvious reason for her interest in dating only rich men is for the benefits of their money. She wants to exchange her “services” for money. One can not blame her for wanting that but what is the difference between her and the ladies working on the streets of Osu or Ahodwo in Kumasi?

As for the likes of Moesha, Princess Shyngle and Akuapem Poloo, the least said the better.  

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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