Most Pastors In Africa Including the Likes of Obinim and Obofour Believe their Church Members Are Stupid

The only explanation that I can phantom for the continuous abuse of power by so called Men and women of God when it comes to their dealings with church members is that they genuinely believe their church members are stupid.

I refuse to rationalise why a grown person can be sucked into a world where you cannot hold a person responsible for their actions and every good or bad deed is attributed to outside forces.

If pastors genuinely believed what they preached, they wouldn’t be bold in the way they commit sin even in the so called house of God.

Take the simple idea of forgiveness. A church in Nigeria recently got their accountant jailed for 18 years for stealing less than $50000. Granted that is a huge amount of money but the man did confess his sins and asked for forgiveness, something the church didn’t afford him.

These same churches will be advising people not to report and abusive partners. At times they will burry serious crimes such as rape and talk people out of reporting all sorts of criminalities to the police.

Granted religion is personal but when it leaves your bedroom or the privacy of your environment and crosses over to society then I believe it is open to criticism.

Many pastors hide behind the Bible to take advantage of vulnerable people including children.

Pastors make people put their health at risk by telling them they are cured after they “pray” for them. A lot people stop taking their medications after attending these healing sessions and with most ending up with complications which at times become fatal.

Some of the antics filmed and showcased on the social media pages of these pastors defile logic. The question one might ask is “so this person actually think someone believes this”?

A woman claimed the daughter has been possessed by an evil spirit that makes her vomit all sorts of household things. What makes the video funny is the pastor claimed he had a vision at the very moment about the child’s predicament, meanwhile the mum turned up at church with all the things the child is believed to have vomited including a shoe. Now I am no expect in the human physiology but even a 5 year old would have enough sense to question how a shoe can come out of a person’s mouth.

Emmanuel TV which is owned by Prophet TB Joshua showed a man who claimed to be possessed by evil spirits. The pastor went ahead to make the so called evil spirit dance in the church to the amusement of the congregation. The so called evil spirit claimed that the woman prayed too much hence the beatings and abuse she has been suffering from the husband. Long story short, this evil spirit was able to mention the name of Jesus and do hand stands and almost break dance in the church.

One pastor claimed he had prayed for angels to descend into his church and the video is so terrible that you wonder who they hired for the special effects.

The worse one is a Bishop Obinim in Ghana who claims to have been made an angel by God. This man had a conversation with God in front of his congregation. He claimed to have given Angel Gabriel an assignment but due to the angel not performing the assigned task, God is angry with him.

This same man is noted for impregnating his junior pastor’s wife and breaking into a local radio station to trash the place. In one of his videos, he attempted to fly to heaven. People he tried to fly to heaven while his congregation held him to prevent him from flying.

There are countless things happening in the church today with the churches themselves documenting it and I will encourage anyone to go to YouTube and check out some of these videos. 

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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