Why Do Girls Living Abroad Fall for the Scam of Male Celebrities Like John Dumelo and Funny Face?

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Love they say is not bound by location therefore one can find their partner at a funeral, church, work or even place of convenience. Another popular saying is that “you don’t chose who you fall in love with” and it is this particular saying that seems to make a lot of Ghanaian women especially those living abroad behave in a manner that makes one question the whereabout of their senses.

Several stories have been circulated about male celebrities who have taken advantage of women living abroad by promising them marriage. Why these women fall for this scam is beyond the writer although one can understand the reasons why celebrities will be appealing.

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An actor whose name has become synonymous with duping women out of their monies by promising them marriage is political aspirant John Dumelo. John has been a serial scammer with women living in Australia and United States accusing him of taking money from them. One woman living in the US accused him of marrying her and even though the actor denied all the allegations, there is a saying “there is no smoke without fire”. The actor did pay one woman 30,000 GHS after the woman reported him to the police. According to the reports of the story, John took over 70,000 GHS from the woman but due to the lack of evidence and the promise of marriage, the woman could only claim about 40,000 GHS.

Another actor who took advantage of a woman living abroad is Frank Artus. According to the woman who is a single parent living Europe, the actor took €800 from her but has refused to pay her back. She did threaten to seek justice through the gods of her village. One will assume all these stories and evidence will make women cautious when dealing with these celebrities, but the evidence shows otherwise.

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A woman living in the US claims that the comedian Funny Face has defrauded her using the same scam employed by John Dumelo. The woman claims she has given the comedian and actor a total of $50,000 since they started dating to support his career and lifestyle. The comedian denies the allegation although he has not denied dating the woman.

The case is currently in court and the outcome is bound to be interesting.

Is it wrong for anyone to defraud another especially when it comes to matters of the heart? The answer is an emphatic no but why and how people fall for this scam is baffling.

Are these women just desperate to date celebrities or struggle to find men in whatever cities they live in abroad? 

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

Nana Kwame