Why Several Young and Old Ghanaians Are Single

People will always be single because there is not an equal proportion of men and women looking for a relationship at any point in time at all locations. However, certain people will always be single for lack of confidence and their lack of preparedness to go for what they want.


Over the years, I have through social media and offline means connected several people to each other—with the hope that they can grow a relationship, either casual, fun or sometimes permanent.

Some of these people are still dating and one even got married in Ghana—I flew in from London to attend their wedding.

Despite the above, a lot of people send me messages on social media asking that I help find them a man or woman—and they add the sentence “ I do not want you to post my message even anonymously.”

So how are you going to find a man or woman if you are even shy to have your message posted as seeking? I’ve always kept people seeking for a partner’s name and information discreet. Yet, a lot of people who have been single for years are still unable to come to terms with the fact that they need to seriously consider other ways of finding love or whatever they seek.

If you need help and you wouldn’t seek it because of what you believe someone or society will see your quest as, then you are going to suffer in silence—when in reality no one really cares.

Your happiness is only your business and it should be your priority. Everyone else, including those who even pretend to care, do not really care. This is the truth a lot of people do not know.

For instance, if you die today, everyone you know will keep going—life will go on, with or without you. People will come and cry and then while going home, they will take some jollof rice with them.

This world has long been in existence on the back of this: each one for himself or herself, “god” for us all.

So if you are a single young or old Ghanaian out there, forget about the judgment you think society or friends will slap you with if you confidently go out there to seek a man or woman, even if on the internet.

When you are in bed at night alone, no one feels your loneliness or pains. When you find a person that makes you laugh and gets you excited, it will be mainly felt by you alone. So why worry about the judgements of people who are mostly hypocrites?

If you are not having sex which you want to—yet you can’t go out there for it because someone will think whatever of you, then you are doing only yourself a disservice and no one else.

If you like someone, tell the person—what is the worst that could happen?

100 years from today, you will not be alive, your name may likely be forgotten so why care about what someone thinks about the things you really want? Forget everyone, gird up your loins and go out there to fuck some excitement into your life—for we only live once.

A lot of people sail through this world, without actually doing the things they so much want to do. That’s sad but it’s the reality of many people.

People care so much about the opinions of others to the extent that they forget their own opinions. The only voice and feeling that really matter during any conversation are yours—don’t let others live their lives through you, including your parents or friends.

Be bold and live life on your terms. Your relationship does not need to be accepted by any one or all. It does not even have to take a conventional form–what question that matter is: does it make you happy?

On that note, I say grab some balls, slide into that person’s DM or Whatsapp–and somehow let him or her know that you have a keen interest.


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