Ladies Which Bum Would You Chose As A Gift for Your Man This Valentine, Joselyn, Moesha or Juliet’s?

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Most African men prefer a curvaceous woman with majority going crazy over a woman with a big backside.

Black men especially African men have always been the cheerleaders for women with big bums even when it was not fashionable in the west. While majority of the women in the west preferred to be thin with no shape, African men encouraged their women to go for the more curvaceous look.

Some people have argued that the likes of Juliet Ibrahim, Mercy Johnson and Ghana’s own Joselyn Dumas have all had their careers pushed because of their big bums. Most people deemed them the sexiest or prettiest in Nollywood but the likes of Ini Edo, Tonto Dikeh and Martha Ankomah rarely get a mention.

Some men are addicted to Instagram not because they are interested in checking out the variety of pictures people posts but rather the number of big bums they get to see. Many girls including the likes of Moesha Buduong, Wendy Shay and Yaa Jackson has used this to their advantage with girls at times praising God right underneath a picture of them showing their big bum.

Black women with small flat bums have suffered for a long time with some women opting for surgery to overcome their short comings. Cheap surgical operations on the bum have led to some women losing their lives while others have risen to fame after getting bum implants. One woman lost all her limbs following complications after bum implant surgery.

Dr Obengfo is famous in Ghana for enhancing the backside of many girls and helping raise their profiles and pockets. Moesha is said to be one of the beneficiaries of the skills of the surgeon and we all know how that has helped propel her in showbiz compared to her actual acting talents.

Kim Kardashian and Black Chyna are famous simply because of their behind and the goddess of pop music, Beyonce has a bum that many deem divine.

Since the bum is that important to African men, here are three women with different bums but one thing in common, their bums are HUGE.

#1 Moesha Boduong

The Ghanaian actress and social media sensation is more famous for her curves than for her acting. Her bum is so famous I refuse to believe that any red blooded young man in Ghana and probably Nigeria does not know about it. Moesha claims her bum is natural and she has never gone under the knife but whether she has or not, one thing that can be agreed on is that she has one fine bum.

#2 Eudoxie Yao

Now the Instagram sensation that is Yao is something you have to see for yourself. The woman is not only blessed with boobs but the bum on that woman is just ridiculous. Her curves stop traffic in her local area and both men and women try to take a picture with her. Her asset has landed her enough jobs from promoting events to selling products. Not only that, over 125,000 people follow her on Instagram and I bet majority are men.

#3 Mamashi Oageng

Mamashi is a 55 year old woman living in South Africa whose bum refuses to stop growing. Granted big bums are sexy and nice but like the saying “too much of everything is bad”, Mamashi has too much bum. The bum on this woman is out of this world but that has not stopped many men proposing to her even at 55 years old. While many young women struggle to find a man, Mamashi has to keep turning them down. She said “I don’t need a poking partner; I need someone to save me from my backside before it is too late”.

Anyway let us know in the comments section if you prefer big bums or not.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

Nana Kwame