Adhere To This Advice To Avoid Heartbreak Like Yvonne Nelson This Valentine

A lot of Ghanaian women believe that majority of men are unfaithful and will cheat even if the opportunity did not present itself.

The truth is, majority of these women refuse to see the signs when they start dating. Most of the girls at times become too hypnotised by the looks of the man or how good he is in the bedroom that they do not notice the blatant red flags even if it slapped them in the face.

As a generous gift this valentine, here is a free advice that will help bring the ladies back to reality and stop them from blaming men for their own weak game.

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There are three signs one should look out for in the first three months of a relationship. If the guy you are dating shows any of these signs, my sister run away because he will do you dirty in the long run. It does not matter how much money he gives you or how good the sex is, please run away. Ok scratch that, if the sex is good then keep him as a sex buddy but my girl, do not fall in love. The moment you find Mr Right kick him to the curb but remain friends just in case you need that good “wood” later in life.

Anyway, ladies here you go;

#1 He tells you he is not ready for a relationship

Whether it is a curse or not, a man can tell a woman that he is not ready for a committed relationship and she will still happily entertainment him and offer him relationship benefits. She will turn other men down and make this man the centre of her world while he treats her like a takeaway food. She will cook, wash his clothes and even give him money when he needs it. Should she ever get upset about his lack of commitment, he will remind her that he is not ready for a relationship and question her about “spoiling a good thing”.

Do not fool yourselves ladies, you cannot change a man. If he wants you, he will commit, if he doesn’t want you permanently, my sister you will be “just a good friend” while still giving him access to your lady garden and doing all the girlfriend duties.   

#2 His love for you is only indoors

This one is a bit of an old school gimmick that is still in use today. He is cold when you are out in public but the most passionate and romantic person when you are alone. He will introduce you to his friends as “just a friend” and when you question him, he will claim he doesn’t like publicity. He will hide behind the “I don’t like public display of affection” or “I am a private person” to keep you happy meanwhile his Facebook page is full of pictures of him and the ex clearly displaying their affection for each other. His feelings about his love for the ex are plastered all over social media but now he is Mr Private?

He will not hold your hands in public but when he comes to visit, you can’t go to the bathroom without him trying to follow you.

Some of you might say not all men like to show they care in public, but this is what I say, “he is only trying to keep his options open”. He doesn’t want the competition to think he is in a relationship so he presents himself in public as single. If he claims he is private and introduce you as just friends, flirt with his boy and see how quickly his mood changes.

#3 He is the only one allowed to call or you can only call at specific times or days

If a man has rules about when and what time to call him, that should be a huge red flag. Some men will use the “I am very busy so leave the calling to me” excuse to prevent you from calling them. This is their way of controlling the situation and keeping the other woman happy by not receiving random calls from you.

Another trick is, he won’t pick up your calls but will always respond with a text message giving you one excuse or the other.

The biggest red flag is if he gets mad for calling him out of the blue or outside his scheduled rules. My sister, do not argue or try to explain anything, just buy some chocolate, call your friend and let me them have their moment because they probably warned you.

Bottom line ladies, if you have never talked to him randomly on the phone and deep into the night then you madam is sharing him with another woman. Now advise yourself my sister.

Most men will be mad at me for sharing this with the ladies but as Valentine’s approaches, a lot of women will be left heartbroken while others will be starting their journey into heartbreak land.

Ladies, you have been armed with the knowledge of an old head so go out there and get yourself the man you deserve. Happy relationship and remember, if he isn’t worth it, find another one.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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