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Forget Condoms, Impregnate A Woman this Valentine’s Day – Says Tanzania President John Magufuli

On the 14th of February, a lot of men will be sending money in exchange for bedroom benefits. Granted a lot of people will claim they are celebrating their love for each other, but the truth is, Valentines day is a stressful moment for most men. The expectation to make the day memorable and special falls heavily on the shoulders of the man with the woman providing bedroom comforts as a reward for the man’s efforts.

Valentine’s day is probably responsible for a lot of unwanted pregnancies but thanks to contraceptives, unplanned and unwanted pregnancies are a thing of the past. Many young men and women can enjoy the s*x without worrying about pregnancy.

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The president of Tanzania who has been encouraging people in his country for a long time to procreate has taken it a step further by banning contraceptive adverts on radios and TVs.

According to the President Mr John Magufuli, Tanzania needs its people to do their bit in increasing the countries populations. The government blames the easy access to contraceptives as part of the problem in people not having many kids. Contraceptive adverts encourage people not to have children and the lack of children will impact the countries economy in the future.


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The president called contraceptive users lazy and admonished anyone advocating for the use of contraceptives. He said those people are giving bad advice.  

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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