Kwame A-Plus’ Brother Joins British Army

Terry Kwame Obeng, the junior brother of the controversial Ghanaian musician turned politician-Kwame A-Plus has landed in the UK, for a British Army assessment to join the UK army.

Terry Kwame Obeng

This was excitedly disclosed in a Facebook post by Ghanaian UK-based lawyer and founder of GhanaCelebrities.Com, Chris-Vincent Agyapong who acted for him in securing him his UK visa for the Army assessment

With a photo of Terry Kwame Obeng, Chris-Vincent wrote:

“This is Mr. Terry Kwame Obeng (on Facebook as Quame Strabol), the brother of my friend-Kwame A-Plus.

About 3 months ago, Terry who had then excitedly secured Invitation to come to the UK for a British Army assessment contacted me via Adukus Solicitors to legally represent him in his UK visa acquisition.

After he presented all the documents I requested from him in support of his application, I submitted his application to the Home Office—backed up by about 6 pages of solid legal representation/arguments that he meets the requirements of Appendix V of the Immigration Rules for Visitors and therefore he should be issued a Visitor’s Visa to come to the UK for his Army assessment.

Shockingly, the application was refused under paragraph V4.2 (a) and (c) of Appendix V of the Immigration Rules for Visitors—with the Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) claiming that the cost of the his trip is many times his disposal income and therefore she was not satisfied the Terry would be willing to spend such a disproportionate amount of money for a short trip to the UK.

The ECO also stated that the Terry had failed to demonstrate his family life/ties in Ghana as he is single without any dependents. And that the length of time which he was seeking a visa for casts doubt over his intention—therefore she was not satisfied of his intentions in wishing to travel to the United Kingdom for a limited period, or that he will leave the at the end of his trip.

After considering the refusal and the supporting documents presented, it became obvious that (ECO) was unreasonable and unfair in her decision to refuse Terry’s Visitor visa application. The ECO failed to properly assess Mr. Terry Kwame Obeng’s application for Visitor’s visa, because; for instance “Material documents/evidence in relation to Terry’s ties to Ghana especially his financial/economic ties, assets/properties in Ghana and his social ties to Ghana were completely ignored—leading the ECO to erroneously conclude that he will not return to Ghana at the end of his visit.

Also, the proportionality or otherwise of the cost of Terry’s trip to the UK was not properly assessed.

I took on the refusal and decided to challenge it in court via Judicial Review as it was Wednesbury Unreasonable.

In another 7 pages legal representation to the Home Office, I argued that the ECO had failed to properly assess Terry’s application by ignoring material documents.

After the challenge, the Home Office responded, accepting that they had wrongly refused Terry’s application—and they were going to reconsider the application again. And then, after the reconsideration, Terry was called to present his passport for the visa.

Today, Terry landed in London, UK, ahead of his British Army Assessment. And I am glad I was part of his journey in getting to the UK to chase his dream.

Over the last few months, I have helped several young men and women from various Commonwealth countries including Ghana to secure visas to come to the UK to join the British Army.

If you have been refused a visa to the UK including a visitor’s visa, all hope is not lost. If the refusal is unreasonable, you can legally challenge it and have the refusal overturned.
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—-Chris-Vincent Agyapong”


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