CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: The Opulence of the Kwame Despite’s Family Should Teach Us Two Things

I have never met Despite, the Osei Kwame himself. But I have a good relationship with one of his right-hand men, Fadda Dickson—and I have met his son, Kennedy, who got married yesterday before.

In fact, I exchange occasional abrupt messages with Ken on Whatsapp and I’ve had a minute of semi-hilarious chat with him this morning as I wished him well.

I know a few others close or in the Despite family including his daughter, Adwoa—and their wealth holds no influence on their dealings with anyone, unlike a lot of Ghanaians who swim in money.

I walked into the Barbershop in Luton yesterday to meet a loud conversation about Kennedy’s wedding and the opulence that was beguilingly displayed, reasonably made possible by his father.

Cars at Kennedy’s wedding

At the Barbershop, there is always that single opposing voice. But this time every voice was in consonance with the fact that the opulence displayed was beautiful and worthy of the occasion—being that it was the wedding of Despite’s firstborn who has devoted himself to his father’s business from a young age.

It was during this conversation that someone reiterated what I’ve always admired—which I call the first thing the Despite family should teach us all.

The solid relationship between Despite and Ofori Sarpong: The two men, equally rich, have held on a friendship or brother-ship which should be an item of envy of every person.

A lot of Ghanaians are dishonest and cannot remain as even acquaintances for a few months because of insatiable greed and disrespect. Yet, both men who undoubtedly cherish their “whatever-ship” remain close and supportive of each other as well as hold business interests together—their relationship, I am told goes as far back as when they were children.

It’s amazing to have such a life partner in friendship and business and if nothing at all, the success of one will definitely sprinkle on the other.

Ofori Sarpong and Despite

Secondly, the Despite family, despite their richness, remains scandal-free—the other most important thing we should note.

It’s unique to have everyone within a family behaving in a manner deemed socially appropriate in this day and age of social media and camera phones. Even when money is not an issue and the family owns one of the largest media conglomerates in Ghana, they all seem to have stayed focus and are not desperate to become hollowly famous.

It takes a lot of discipline and a proper understanding of the value of a family’s legacy to have its members behave in such a befitting manner. Richness without any respect on your name is pathetic.

If a fraction of the richness of the Despite family was in the hands of some people, we wouldn’t be able to survive within the Ghanaian social media landscape.

The second thing we should all learn is that, though good name is better than riches, having both is the best—something the Despite family proudly has.  

It’s true that they have money but they are also committed and have a lot of self-respect. The latter two inevitably create the first.


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