Women, Don’t Waste S#men This Valentine’s Day

A lot of Ghanaian and African women are disgusted by the sight of their man’s sauce and would rather have nothing to do with it. They don’t want it on them and if they are not married to the man don’t want it in them.

Ghanaian women find it hard and require a lot of convincing before they become comfortable with having a man’s member in their mouth. So, the idea of actually letting him finish in their mouth and to swallow it is just too much for any prim and proper Ghanaian lady.

They regard the s*men only as a sign of the man reaching orgasm and believe their sole purpose is to help in creating baby but that is myopic.

Recent studies have shown the importance of semen and why many women should be embracing the white “sauce” from their man. It is the reward for the hard work of getting him to climax. 

This is an advise to all the ladies, and men do tell your wives, girlfriends and side chicks about the health benefits of the man sauce.

#1 Natural antidepressant

A lot of women are depressed due to the stress of everyday life especially if you are stuck with a man who is broke. Life in Africa can be very difficult and monetary problems can send even the most loving person up the wall not to forget some mother in laws. The age of social media has made a lot of us dissatisfied with our lives as we think our peers are living better lives than us. Depression is a real issue for most of us women.

Instead of being drugged up by these pharmaceutical drugs with God knows what side effects or going to all sorts of prayers why not enjoy your man’s s*men.

A study by the State University of New York found that women who had semen in them were less depressed than those who didn’t.

Semen contains thyrotropin and one of the best known anti depressant neurotransmitter serotonin plus the mood elevator oxytocin. Swallowing or allowing him to finish inside you will prevent you from getting too depressed.

If you do not have a regular partner my sister go sit in your corner but if you still want to enjoy the adult play then do not forget your protection for it is better to be depressed than to get sexually transmitted disease or infection.

#2 Multi vitamin source

A teaspoon of semen has a huge amount of different vitamins and over 200 proteins. Vitamins such as vitamin B12 and vitamin C are contained in semen as well as minerals such as magnesium, potassium and zinc. The amount of each vitamin contained in semen is dependent on the age and relative health of your partner therefore one should be mindful of their source of semen.

My sisters choose wisely, one do not want to play with their health because semen contains antioxidants that can help slow that the aging process. Make sure your donor is in good health.

#3 Ensures a good sleep

Most men fall asleep right after climaxing from sex which leaves many women feeling neglected and angry but that may be a thing of the past now. Most women think the feeling of sleepiness one get after sex is due to how good the sex was but according to scientist that may not be the reason.

Semen contains a chemical called melatonin. This chemical provokes sleep and relaxation which many women will testify to after a really good sex.  It does not matter how the semen get into your system whether orally or through intercourse, the semen will help relax you. It will send you to dreamland better than majority of the drugs that one can get from the chemist shop.

Although semen has all these benefits do not start swallowing or allowing any and every man to deposit their semen in you.

Remember safe sex is paramount this valentine’s day and age where we can swipe left and right if we want to end up in bed with someone.

If you do not have a regular PARTNER or do not want to get pregnant, be careful about how you use this advice.

STIs or STDs are real.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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