CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Struggling Filmmaker and Attention-Seeking Troll-Leila Djansi Can’t Just Leave Sane People Alone

Ghanaian film-maker Leila Djansi is one of the many who are suffering from career confusion. As a filmmaker, she is probably dissatisfied by the fact that no one in Hollywood still knows her name—and therefore she spends time and money to loiter around Oscars’ red carpet as some form of personal solace and achievement.

Leila Djansi

Many years ago, Leila attempted to bamboozle Ghanaians back home that she is a big Hollywood filmmaker and the Messiah sent to resuscitate the Ghanaian Movie Industry. Soon, it became obvious to discerning Ghanaians like me that she is nothing as claimed.  

After her failed attempt to outsell her works and herself to Ghanaians, she ran out of the country—and cunningly claimed that she has received bad reception by Ghanaians and wouldn’t, therefore, be working in Ghana again.

She left for the United States, where she currently sits on the bench of sloppy filmmakers, per my assessment.  

Despite Leila Djansi’s claims which she recently repeated (below) that she will never work in Ghana, she has become a self-positioned social media parrot on everything Ghana—commenting on Ghanaians and their activities back home.

Leila’s recent post

It would be reasonably expected that, someone who has an opinion on everything will be tolerating of the opinions of others in relation to her or her expressed views. Yet, Leila thinks she is immune from criticisms, either harsh or mild—and she spends her time online fighting with everyone who has an opinion about her.

Recently, this woman suggested in a post that Despite is not that really rich and that everything is just noise.

GhanaCelebrities.Com reported on this post by Leila Djansi just as many other Ghanaian online media platforms did. And she is upset that this happened—so she is blaming me for some non-existing hatred towards her.

Leila, if you have refused to grow in life—don’t think everyone is the same and has your time on their hands.

If you will not work in Ghana again and do not want Ghanaians having an opinion about you, then just shut up on everything Ghanaian. But you and I know that because you are an attention-seeking internet troll, you can’t do this.

20 years ago, just showing up on the Red Carpet of the Oscars would have been big news on the blogs—today, everyone is well aware that, this is cheap and nonsense.

If you want your name and Oscars boldly in the same sentence, cut off the mediocrity and win one.

No one has time to hate on a failed film-maker. Stop mentioning my name in your social media posts to feel somewhat relevant.


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