Ghanaians Complain ‘We’re Not Poor’ After British Rapper Akala Called Ghana ‘One of the Poorest Nations On Earth’

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Is Ghana a poor nation or not? That’s the debate raging on Twitter right now among some Ghanaians after a British rapper said we’re one of the poorest nations on earth.

Akala, born Kingslee James McLean Daley, is a British rapper and political activist who was recently in Ghana.

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Making a point about violence in London, Akala said Ghana, despite being ‘one of the poorest and blackest nations on earth’, has a relatively mild crime rate.

“Being in Ghana for most of January and Senegal earlier in the year made me reflect on something very simple re violence here in London, Brum etc… Despite being relatively stable (now) by regional standards Ghana is one of the poorest and ‘blackest’ nations on earth and yet the murder rate in Ghana is barely higher than in *checks notes*… Belgium,” Akala tweeted.

But this simple statement of fact seems to have triggered some Ghanaians to go at him hard that we’re not poor.


“We are not poor!” Adolf (“Adolphite) tweeted out at Akala in indignation.

Other Ghanaians jumped in to set this guy straight over whether Ghana can be considered poor or not.

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There’s no doubt Ghana, in general, can be considered a poor country, in relation to the most prosperous nations on earth.

The only quibble might be that we’re not literally ‘one of the poorest nations on earth’ – one can think of a lot of countries economically worse off than Ghana – but it also doesn’t mean we are not poor.

Check out the debate below…where do you fall?

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