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What Is Wrong With Moesha Buduong, Akuapem Poloo And Pamela Odame Using Their Bodies To Get What They Want?

Majority of the people reading this will happily condemn any person for using their body to progress in life. Offering a session of passionate love making in exchange for money or favour is frowned upon heavily in our society but the reason for that reaction doesn’t make much sense to me.

Many argue that one’s body is sacred therefore bedroom action should be a special moment with a special someone. This does not make sense considering the benefits of s*x and the fact it does not depreciate.

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One thing we all know depreciate with each moment is our time on earth. Most of us prostitute our standards and most importantly our time in exchange for money or favour. How many people work several hours during the day? Most people’s work prevents them from spending quality time with their families and the thing they claim they love.

People “abandon” their partners in Ghana and move abroad in search of greener pastures. They end up spending several years apart but their partners are more tolerant to that situation than finding out they slept with another person for money.

Pamela Odame, Akuapen Poloo and Moesha Buduong can live rent free thanks to the men they share their bodies with. Some celebrities have received cars, trips abroad and even businesses as payments for bedroom actions. Choosing to sacrifice your time for money to afford the cars and food is your way but that don’t make it the only way and surely not the best way.

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Next time you are ready to judge anybody for their actions especially based on the sacrifice of their body, ask yourself “what am I sacrificing to get what they have”?  

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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