CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: The Stupidity of Ghanaians–What’s Wrong with Kennedy and Tracy Flying Economy to Dubai for Their Honeymoon?

Osei Kwame Despite’s first son, Kennedy and his wife-Tracy, who recently had an expensive wedding in Accra are reported to have flown off to Dubai this afternoon for their honeymoon—and some lame Ghanaians are trashing them for their decision to fly in economy class.

How many times must these two prove to anyone that they have solid financial backing? If nothing at all, their wedding is the only evidence a person needs in support of the fact that they are swimming in money—or are connected to money.

A lot of Ghanaians are inherently stupid and social media continues to aid them in amplifying their silliness in a manner that’s not only irritating but also offensive.

Kennedy and Tracy

What’s wrong with them flying economy? Considering their background and the already displayed opulence, wouldn’t the only plausible explanation be that—it’s their own choice?

I am not rich but I can afford business class tickets and yet I hardly buy them. Most of my trips are on economy. The few times that I have bought business class tickets are because I have had important things such as meetings to attend to, immediately I land. And therefore, having a good sleep before landing couldn’t be compromised.

It’s not a show of richness to pay expensively for something you do not need to pay that much for. It’s only stupid people who will find it rewarding to do so.

Several global celebrities who are ‘stinking’ rich even fly economy. In 2012, Jessica Alba flew economy on a trip from Los Angeles to New York while her two kids and their nanny were in first class, according to Radar Online.

In 2015, actress-Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their six children flew economy on an Air France flight, the Daily Mail reported.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West flew with JetBlue to Armenia on economy class in 2015.

Does the above in any way, including the lamest way, indicate that these celebrities are broke or couldn’t afford Business or First class tickets at the time?

In Ghana, those who pretend to be rich and borrow money to fly Business are those who are indeed broke—not those who can afford it and yet do not find the need to jump at it all the time.

Spare the couple your senseless social media comments.


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