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VIDEO: ‘We Nor Shock, We All Know You Are Pregnant That Is Why Medikal Married You…’- Akwapim Poloo Blasts Fella Makafui For Her 2 By 4 Traditional Marriage

Rosemond Brown AKA Akwapim Poloo is a baby mama and evidently not married and has no plans or whatsoever of walking the aisle anytime soon but she says she is the least envious of Fella Makafui and Medikal’s marriage.

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According to the mother of one, it is obvious that she was only able to get the ring from Medikal because she is pregnant and after several alleged abortions, she decided to finally tie Medikal down with a baby.

Fella and Medikal had their traditional marriage yesterday and people have reacted in diverse ways following the ceremony— Poloo is one of them.

In a video posted, she could be heard saying; “…We know you’re pregnant that’s why you’re forcing the marriage.”

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Reacting to Fella using Sarkodie’s Of33tso song in one of her videos, Poloo said no one is shocked that they got married and she would advise that Fella thinks of the life ahead of her instead and of course, what she has singlehandedly brought on herself.

Adding that; “…who forced these people to get married that they couldn’t get a marriage planner to plan their things for them”? She questioned…”In Africa here when we’re getting married the lady’s Kente should appear in the gentleman’s attire. But here is the case the man is wearing all full-colored without the lady’s Kente because it’s forced. He’s not happy, look at his face…Look at the toy things you were doing…”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

This post was published on March 8, 2020 7:47 AM

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