How Can You Feel Pain In Hell When you Have No Body? – Efia Odo Asks

Actress Efia Odo has some questions about heaven and hell.

Odo has made it clear she doesn’t believe the stories about heaven and hell that we’ve been told since childhood.

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You know, if you’re a bad person on earth you go to hell after you die to burn in hellfire for eternity. If you’re a good person you go to heaven to chill with God and his son JC forever.

In a new tweet, Odo wonders how anyone can burn in hellfire when your body will be left here on earth after you die and the spirit cannot be harmed.

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She wrote: “How is the body gonna burn in hell if the body is left here on earth (6ft down, then eventually turns into bones). So is it the spirit that’s gonna burn or what? Mind you, the spirit isn’t physical to feel pain or torment.”

Over to you, Christians…

Source: GhanaCelerities.Com


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