Is Becca On Slimming Pills Or Something Is Amiss?- All We Can See Is Her Neck And Head On This PHOTO

Could it be that singer Becca is still brooding over the accusation that she sampled the hit song of South African artist Sho Madjozi’s ‘John Cena’s song in her latest song titled ‘No One’ and passed it off as her own or

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…or all is not well in paradise. Becca and her rich Nigerian husband got married in the latter part of 2018 and there have been several denigrating rumors of how the marriage is not as blissful as Becca wants the world to believe.

Albeit, Becca has maintained the phase and whatever the case may be in her marital home, we cannot confirm that the rumors are true when she and the hubby have been seen on several instances packed on PDAs.

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Becca has never been one who has had extra flesh falling all over and even after having her daughter about a year ago, she did not lose as much weight as she has in this new picture we are seeing.

Perhaps, she is on some slimming pills in her bid to get slimmer and s3xier for her husband. In this age and time, it is impossible to tell what really is up with people.

All we are definite about is what we are seeing— the once African Woman has lost some pounds and in this picture, all we see is her neck and head.

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