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PHOTOS/ VIDEO: Moesha Jets Off For An All Expenses Paid Birthday Celebration?- Some Sugar Daddy Is In Trouble!

Moesha has advised people to do what they feel in their heart is right and not something that rides on popularity because no one is going to love them any less or more on the back of that. In that light, she is doing what is right by taking a vacation.

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A vacation probably paid by one potbellied man with a fat wallet. Moesha recently made headlines when she called out on the veteran actors and actresses and blamed them for how poorly they are now being treated in the industry because of how the pacesetters remained passive when they were treated anyhow by movie producers and directors.

Akorfa Aseidu who felt the veterans did a lot more than Moesha and many others have ever credited them for hit back. Asking Moesha to zip her mouth with her immature utterances and further asked her to stick to her side job.

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Moesha is plus one today and she is jetting off, presumably to have an all expensed paid birthday somewhere.

All we can wish her is a very good day as she opens another page in her life. May she thrive and flourish. Happy birthday Moe!

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This post was published on March 10, 2020 7:02 AM

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