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Fella’s Wedding Proves that Medikal Isn’t As Rich As He Claims

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Less than a year ago, Ghanaian rapper Medikal was claiming on the diss track “The Last Burial” that he’s a baller and spending money was no issue, but his recent wedding says otherwise.

Some people are modest and regardless of how much money they have will refuse to have a lavish wedding. That said for someone who claims another man is so poor that even when he multiplies all his possessions their total value will be less than his watch, his wedding was mediocre at best.

The least said about his wedding attire the better but what the wife wore was something else. One would assume that the wedding day is a dream for most women, and they will want to look their absolute best, but Fella did not look her absolute best on the day. She has looked better at events than at her own wedding. Her clothes were nothing special and to be honest the whole event was ordinary if not mediocre at best.

The reason for this ordinary wedding can be found in Fameye’s song “Nothing I get”. Medikal was featured on the remix of the original song and does admit that all the cars he claims to have is a lie. 

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The wedding was his opportunity to show his true worth and he failed terribly. Now if he was humbled about his worth then it would’ve been alright but that is not the case.

Nobody is asking for the same spectacle as Kennedy Osei and Tracy’s wedding but what was witnessed is way below par. Even so-called ordinary people in Ghana are having better and bigger weddings than that.

If anything, Medikal is lucky he reconciled with Strongman because this would’ve given him more ammunition.

Big wedding or not, one can not be mad at a celebration of love therefore one can only wish them happiness even if the celebration was a total disappointment.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

This post was published on March 11, 2020 8:38 AM

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