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Yvonne Nelson Advises Men About Cheating Even Though She Helped One Cheat

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Ghanaian actress and somebody’s baby mama Yvonne Nelson used her social media platform to encourage men to pause their extramarital activities now that Ghana has a confirmed case of the coronavirus.

According to Yvonne, men should stop cheating during this critical time to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, especially to their own families.

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This is sound advice coming from someone who helped a man cheat on his wife. Yvonne didn’t just help this man cheat she went ahead and wrecked the home but that is not the point. It seems cheating is fine in the books of Yvonne, but this is just wrong timing to be cheating.

Of course, the more encounters one has with people especially close contacts, the more likely one is to catch the disease assuming the person is infected. Avoiding or limiting the number of people one comes in contact is the best way to prevent the spread and contraction of the virus but to wrap that message up in cheating is weird. Either Yvonne is trying to throw shade at someone or trying to take a break from a man she is cheating with.

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Anyway, one cannot be too cautious in this climate so remember to wash your hands regularly and if you start exhibiting any of the symptoms associated with the virus, isolate yourself and get tested if needed.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

This post was published on March 14, 2020 10:19 AM

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