Is Kofi Adoma Of Kofi TV An Undercover Pervert?

Radio and TV presenter Kofi Adoma is one lucky person especially in this era of the #metoo movement to continuously get away with his antics when dealing with females on his show.

The founder of Kofi TV has been caught in compromising positions on several occasions when interviewing female guests on his show. Granted there are times he is encouraged by the women and there are times he has coerced them into that situation.

Actress Xandy Kamel asked him to touch her boobs during an interview which he obliged her. She took his hands and placed it on her breast in the middle of the interview. Although Kofi Adoma looked a bit shy during the exchange, he did not stop the actress.

In another interview with a medical doctor that he claims has the biggest bum in Ghana, he pulled out a tape measure and insisted that the woman allowed him to measure her bum. Although the woman refused at first, he insisted the woman got up for him to measure her bum. The woman later agreed to the measurement, but one could tell she was not happy about the situation.

PM the winner of a dance competition for Obese women on TV called Di Asa is the latest to put Kofi in a compromising position. The dancer is seen sitting on the presenter in the thumbnail for the video on YouTube.

Jaye Love, the woman credited with causing commotion at the Kotoka International airport because of the size and movement of her bum also got a similar treatment. Photos that were released after the interview showed the presenter resting his hands on the woman’s bums.

Of course, all this can be consensual but in the current climate of females claiming that men take advantage of them s*xually, one will think the presenter will be careful in the way he handles situations with his female guests. Even if this was not the case, it is unprofessional the way he conducted himself in some of these interviews.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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