We Are God’s Children; Corona Virus Is Not Our Portion- Martha Ankomah Ignorantly Says In The Middle Of COVID-19 Pandemic

As usual, people always find the means to put religion in the middle of issues of great concern and paramountcy.

It is almost as if religion has the power of wiping any problem at all off this earth’s surface— how quickly people turn to religion is almost legendary.

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The world is in utmost fear and dread now as COVID-19 keeps spreading like bush fire in the dry season. The death toll keeps increasing every nanosecond and people are doing all they can to stay safe.

Ghana has by far recorded six cases with $100m allocated to this call. Some people are still in doubt as to whether indeed the virus is in the country.

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Lots of celebrities have reached out, doing in their small way what they can do to curb this pandemic and Martha Ankomah has joined the lot.

The melanin goddess in a video says there is no need for anyone to be afraid because we are all God’s children and this virus is not our portion.

She says it as if other country members were created by someone else. Well, she was kind enough to share some precautionary measures with her fans.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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