‘See How Dumb You Are?’ – Ghanaians Roast Dumb Bimbo Wendy Shay After She Said She’s Hotter than the Coronavirus

In the midst of this pandemic whilst people have bigger issues to worry about, you would think the everyday idiocy that we have to deal with from some of these so-called celebrities would be put to bed.

We are in truly dangerous times and behaving like a dumb bimbo to trend is not really the most important thing in the world right now.

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But there are dumb bimbos and then there’s Wendy Shay, whose entire career has been distilled into doing the dumbest thing possible to garner attention because that’s what Ghana showbiz has been reduced to.

In the midst of this pandemic, she took to social media to post a video flaunting herself with a caption so callous and shallow that it’s no surprise Ghanaians jumped on her immediately.

Shay wrote: “I’m still hotter than Coronavirus…damn, wetin Corona dey figa…”

We’re talking about an ailment killing people all over the world right now and Shay thinks it’s an opportunity to trend.

Thankfully, it seems Ghanaians have realized how brain dead Ms ‘Who is Wendy Shay’ truly is and the disses came in hot for her.

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Coronavirus is not really the prop to use to flaunt her body.

Check some responses to her post below…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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