COVIK One Nine?- President Buhari Commits The Greatest Gaffe Of A Life Time As He Addresses Nigerian On Coronavirus- VIDEO


This pandemic is causing more harm to the world than any of us expected it to be and we are all doing in our very small ways what we can to help make the issue less painful.

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So long as we are humans, we are bound to make mistakes. It happens all the time and the rise of this Corona Virus pandemic has brought this to bare.

We are all too familiar with the funny way people have mentioned Corona Virus. In hilarious ways that even the severity of the pandemic begin to sound like a joke, we would wake up not to see.

But when a president of a whole country pronounces it wrongly whilst addressing the nation, it becomes unforgivable.

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President Buhari addressed Nigerians yesterday with approaches that concerned the Covid-19 pandemic and he made a mess of himself with the way he pronounced Covid-19.

Instead of Covid-19, Buhari unapologetically said COVIK One Nine and continually said it without the slightest idea that what he was saying is even wrong.

And to think his whole media team stood unabashed and watched him make a fool of himself.

Whiles others are criticizing him for this gaffe, others think it is just his accent.


Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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