Bring Us Your Money and Receive Invisible Blessing from God–the Church is Not Supposed to Help Anyone With Sanitizers–Says Pastor Brian Amoateng

To some of us, religion is a scam–and Christianity seems to lead the pack of nonsense, with its fraudulent leaders calling themselves pastors, God’s representatives on earth–so that they to extract monies from the poor.

Pastor Brian Amoateng

The claim that when you give money to the church, be it tithes or offering, you give the money to God is simply stupid and does not even pass for a metaphor. God does not spend cedis or dollars–neither does he have a bank account in Israel where all the monies collected by churches are deposited for him to use in heaven.

I know of a certain Ghanaian pastor with a personal bank balance of over two million dollars, and his wife has even more than that in hers. They do not work and they keep telling their poor members they are receiving these funds for God.

A certain Ghanaian pastor-Brian Amoateng has become the roast dinner of the Ghanaian social media landscape after he held a live Facebook session during which he claimed that it’s not the church’s responsibility to help members with hand sanitizers in this coronavirus times, rather it’s the government which has to do that as the church has bills to pay.

He also added that people claiming they give money to the church and therefore the church must help them in difficult times are wrong–because they give the money to God, not to their pastors, and that God blesses the givers back invisibly for giving him their money.

The church is a failed institution, it has outlived its relevance–and it has mainly become an avenue to extract monies from its members without giving them anything back.

The church is a charitable organisation under the law which does not pay any taxes despite being rich, and if it cannot give out common hand sanitizers because it has bills to pay as claimed by this idiot and his “brother”, then why should members who also have bills to pay, poor or broke, give their churches any money on top of paying taxes?

The church takes more or almost the same amount of monies from the citizens as the government does in taxes yet we can see what the government is at least doing.

What is the church doing?

People like Pastor Brian Amoateng fail to go to school or right from school because they think they are smart and do not want to work, they set up a church on the back of the nonsense that an invisible God has called them.

I don’t blame them but the credulous followers who give them their money and time.

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